6SIGMA quality management system comes to China

News from a press conference held Wednesday at Shangri-La Hotel says the China Association for International Exchange of Personnel (CAIEP) and the American Supplier Institute (ASI) would cooperate to promote the 6SIGMA quality management system in China.

The 6SIGMA quality management system has swept the world as a quality management mode. Originating in the 1970s the 6SIGMA system was vigorously implemented in General Electricity and was greatly enriched and developed there. Many large multinational companies such as Motorola, General Electricity, Boeing, Sony, Toshiba, Honda, Citibank and Amazon.com have successfully raised their service quality and management level by adopting the 6SIGMA strategy. A group of Chinese companies have begun to accept the 6SIGMA quality management system such as Chunlan, Hainan Airways, China Ocean Shipping (COSCO) and Aucma. They are implementing or about to implement the 6SIGMA system.

As a well-known quality certification and consulting institute the ASI has put forward and perfected a series of quality management systems with international influence. Having been adopted by many world-known companies they have achieved remarkable success. It has been the authoritative consulting institute of the 6SIGMA quality management system in the world. The CAIEP will be fully responsible for the introduction and promotion of the 6SIGMA quality management system in China including the introduction of the 6SIGMA certificate, publishing, training and consulting services.

By People's Daily Online

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