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An inspirational speaker with a transformative message.

Never settle for ‘good enough’ again.

Subir Chowdhury is a leading thinker in quality management strategy. He has consulted many of the world’s largest companies across several industries. His message is simple: individuals make enormous differences in every aspect of society – every day.

His most recent bookThe Difference: When Good Enough Isn’t Enough is his 15th book. It is a culmination of more than 25 years of workwhich includes consultations with many leading global corporations.

If you’ve been reading his articles and seen his latest video, you know that his highest ambition is to spread the message that we can all do better – if only by encouraging each other to be straightforward, thoughtful, accountable, and resilient.

Let Subir share this message with your organization.

Subir will do for your organization what he has done for major corporations around the world: inspire people to look beyond the daily grind of crisis, endless troubleshooting, and excuses. He’ll enlighten your organization (from top to bottom) with profoundly motivating insights on how they can look at their “daily grind” from a different perspective and plot a course for improvement.

Video: a simple lesson about making choices, presented as the Commencement Address at Central Michigan University.

All of Subir’s presentations have an overarching theme that teaches audiences that every action matters. As he describes in his latest book, “The Difference,” the individual can transcend almost any obstacle when they nurture loyalty among people who share a passion for improving themselves and each other.

Subir’s unique perspective…

Subir’s unique perspective comes as a student immigrant from Bangladesh, trained under Western quality management standards, and his vast experience from working and consulting with a host of top U.S. companies (Bosch, Caterpillar, Daewoo, Delphi, Fiat-Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai Motor Company, ITT Industries, Johns Manville, Kia Motors, Loral Space Systems, Mark IV Automotive, Procter & Gamble, the State of Michigan, Thomson Multimedia, TRW, Xerox, and others). His philosophy has far-reaching implications for everyone; not just limited to businesses, but to government policy-making and even personal, every-day living.

Instill in everyone around you a passion for perfection.

Chowdhury believes that for his ideas to be accessible, they must be simple enough so that everyone can understand them. His core philosophy compels audiences to accept that quality is everyone’s business at all levels of an organization.  This acceptance and resulting implementation is one of the key building blocks for a business to achieve sustainable success.

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Subir tailors his speaking engagements to fit the goals of the event: e.g., emphasis on diversity, self-motivation, leadership training. Tell us about your event and let us help you MAKE A DIFFERENCE at your organization today.

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There have been countless essays on leadership authored by pioneers from nearly every part of our culture. Thanks to their work, we have the benefit of hindsight to help us shorten our experiential processes.


Subir Chowdhury has collaborated with a who’s who of leadership pioneers C.K. Prahalad, Sumantra Ghoshal, Noel M. Tichy, Don Tapscott, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Chris Bartlett, Peter Senge, Jim Kouzes, Warren Bennis, Edgar Schein, James Champy, and Philip Kotler.


Subir Chowdhury has served in many different leadership positions and has been recognized by many professional societies including SAE International, SME, ASQ, AIAG, etc. Some of his honors are: