Subir Chowdhury is a prolific writer and world-renowned author on the subject of quality, leadership, strategy and methods has authored hundreds of articles and delivered numerous presentations throughout his career.

Recent Media Coverage

Ever since publishing his first book more than 20 years ago, Subir Chowdhury is recognized as a global thought leader in quality management and business processes. Wherever he goes, his work earns him high praise in the media.

“The Quality Prophet”
Business Week

“Leading Quality Expert”
The New York Times

“Chowdhury boils down most of the wisdom of modern management theory and practice that is equally relevant to chief executive and front-line clerk.”
The WashingtonPost

“He is an excitable, enthusiastic evangelist for quality —  and not only for improving processes and methodologies but for taking quality to heart.”
The Conference Board Review

Subir continues to shape strategic thinking about the meaning of “Quality” among executives, managers, and engineers incorporations large and small. He took the subject of “Quality” made it come alive and accessible to “all the people, all the time.” As he continues his work, he also continues to garner attention from the media.

The column on the right is a list of his recent press coverage. Check out Magazines and Newspapers to see earlier coverage.

Prothom Alo, Weekend Edition: Quality-guru Subir Chowdhury: From Chittagong to America. A profile by Anisul Haque LINK

The Times of India: IITKgp Alumnus Subir Chowdhury Among World’s Top 50 Thinkers in 2017LINK

KPCC: Culture Shift: How to take a company from good to great. Presented by Ben BergmanLINK

Huffington Post: How to use ‘STAR’ to make your team care again. Book Review – LINK

Forbes: How to bring back a caring mindset at work. Book Review, Kevin Kruse – LINK

International Business Times, India: Book Review: The Difference – The caring mindset and other keys to quality at work, and in life. Book Review, Prashanth GN – LINK

Press Trust of India: Book Review: STAR Culture can change fortunes of companiesLINK

Hamilton Spectator: Book Review: Size Doesn’t Matter, but Caring Does. Book Review, Jay Robb – LINK

Business Today, India: STAR may usher in ‘true’ quality in corporate India. Editorial, Anilesh Mahajan – LINK

Investor’s Daily News: Accentuate the positive by focusing on the possibilities. Leaders & Successes, Michael Mink – LINK Top Ten Books The WeekLINK

Jefferson Public Radio: Book Review: What Makes ‘The Difference’ In A Thriving Organization? Book Review, Geoffrey Riley, Emily Cureton – LINK

Entrepreneur: 5 Keys to Promoting Accountability in Your Business. Editorial, Martin Zwilling – LINK

Seeking Alpha: Book Review: The Difference. Book Review, David Merkel – LINK

Times of India: New IIT-Khargpur school to focus on quality check. News, Jhimli Mukherjee Pandeyl – LINK

Smiley Pete Publishing: Book Review: Creating success through a caring mindset. Book Review, Paul Sanders – LINK

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There have been countless essays on leadership authored by pioneers from nearly every part of our culture. Thanks to their work, we have the benefit of hindsight to help us shorten our experiential processes.


Subir Chowdhury has collaborated with a who’s who of leadership pioneers C.K. Prahalad, Sumantra Ghoshal, Noel M. Tichy, Don Tapscott, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Chris Bartlett, Peter Senge, Jim Kouzes, Warren Bennis, Edgar Schein, James Champy, and Philip Kotler.